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Medical Grade Exfoliation

Pumpkin Peel + Microderm
Cleans your pores & prevents breakouts, plus drives antioxidants, vitamins and nutrients deep into your skin.

Glycolic Peel
Soften the texture of skin damaged by the sun, acne scarring and other environmental factors to reveal a beautiful glow!

Radiance Blue Peel
Salicylic acid-based peel, used to improve sun-damage, acne scarring, melanoma, and improve texture + tone.

Medi-Infusion (non-chemical peel)
Revolutionary non-chemical peel with long term skin benefits, using the most potent form of Vitamin A to gently resurface the skin.

Vi-Peel (TCA blend)
Good alternative for those who can’t do laser treatments. There is no burn, yet it is highly effective for acne, dark spots and scarring.

Medical Grade Facials

Symmetry Signature Medi-Facial
Customized for all skin types & conditions.

Pumpkin Enzyme Facial
Exfoliates and draws impurities out of skin, while introducing vitamins, enzymes & nutrients. See results after 1 treatment.

Symmetry Facial Infusion
Your skin will immediately be transformed, with this unique formulation increases circulation, boosts the skin immunity and stimulates collagen production.

Get Clear! Acne Treatment
Clear your skin by removing stubborn bacteria and scar tissue.

Deluxe Face Lift Treatment
Slow cellular aging, plump & firm the skin. Incorporates LED, and micro-current that increases product penetration, stimulates collagen renewal, and increases circulation.

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